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What is a Logo Design?

     Your logo often gives customers and clients their first glimpse into your brand identity. Is your organization a fun one? A serious one? One that innovates? Customers will get an idea of what your company is all about the moment they see your logo!
A logo combines several different elements to paint your brand's overall picture, with each piece displaying something about your brand identity. A logo is an emblem or custom mark that serves as a visual representation of your company or organization

About Logo Design
  Your logo is what represents everything that stands for your company without words. It's important that your logo represents you correctly. Here at Dallas Graphics we will take the time to learn about your company, beliefs, customers and products/services you offer. Our logos are made perfectly to fit across any medium such as print or web. A well-designed logo is an essential part of any company's overall marketing strategy.

How Can I Set Myself Apart?
   Ask yourself who is your market/audience? What is your audience's demographic? From there Dallas Graphics will help you create your company image. We will start by creating your unique logo that will attract the right customer by choosing the right colors using Color Theory, and we will also help in choosing the Perfect Font. Here at Dallas Graphics, we will guide you step by step, starting from your logo all the way to your marketing strategies. We will help your company become successful. 

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